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RCE VMWave image for hackhound

Jan 01 2014 04:23 PM | Ravage in News - Announcements

.:: Reverse Code Engineering VMWare Image ::.


This image includes all the tools that you need to reserve engineer Malware courtsey of x58.


This valuable image is available in 2 different Operating System:


Windows XP PRO SP3 PE (x86)
Size: 1.72GB Compressed (Uncompressed size is 3.43GB)
Checksum: See original topic
VMWare compatibility: Workstation 9.0 (ESX Server)
Image version: 1.1


Updates, added or improvements on content and/or settings:

  • LAST UPDATE (4-1-2014, I will no longer make updates for the XP vm)
  • IDA 6.1 x86 & x64 added
  • General software updated (FireFox, IE, Flash, Adobe reader, etc) changed
  • A few setup unpackers added
  • 120+ Ollydbg plugins added
  • Explorer on default location again (not on top anymore) changed
  • Tutorial/paper database updated
  • Vmdk default RAM increased from 512mb to 1024mb changed
Windows 7 ULT SP1 PE (x86)
Size: 2.18GB Compressed (Uncompressed size is 4.70GB)
Checksum: See original topic
VMWare compatibility: Workstation 6.5-7.x (ESX Server)
Image version: 1.2
  • Same software as the XP image as you can see above
  • All common tools for the subject RE are included (a lot, too much to list)
  • Frequently updated when needed, a pack of only the RE programs/tools will be available soon too
You can see more details about this here

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Jan 01 2014 04:18 PM | Ravage in News - Announcements

We did implement a PasteBin system.
This new feature can be found from top navigation menu and even though submission is only available for registered members, the result link can be used and viewed by anyone (even guests) with no registration needed to check your paste files.
This system has an automatic syntax parsing feature that lets you chose from 30 programming languages or simple text to tweak your paste files.

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Hackhound scanner

Mar 12 2013 03:32 PM | Ravage in Hounds Corner

This service was restored to Notorious, Associate and Guru members.

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