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HackHound development from a members point of view!
So HackHound has been up since the 10th of October 2012, that would mean that the site is been up for 16 days and so far in my opinion the site is making tremendous progress. the admins are very active and the development of the site is going smoothly. i also notice that a more increasingly amount of members are joining each day which is also a good thing. the more the marry-er. i can also see from the post that a fair amount of the elder members of HackHound are returning to the newly refurbished community. I also noticed that the newer members of the community arent really very active so we need more active members to join the community, not just sign up for a one time thing. anyone that can sign up and contribute to the community and be active will be greatly welcomed here at HackHound. i see HackHound as a family here on the internet. so far there really hasnt been to much drama with the elder members. but remember HackHound isnt the place to do you dirty laundry. so leave your baggage at the login page and enjoy what the community has to offer for you!
anyways this is all from my point of view so if anyone else has some input bearing on the topic just post it. dont be afraid.
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